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2017, February 8 – Minutes

Peninsula Endowment Minutes for Meeting, February 8, 2017

Meeting held at Brown Adams office, 2570 W. El Camino, Mountain View, Ca

Attending: Fred Kohler, Daniel Margulies, Gail Wilson, Dave Foegal from Vanguard

No agenda modifications. Minutes from October 5, 2016 meeting not available. When complete, we will approve by email.

Vanguard investments. Dave Foegal distributed copies of our Vanguard performance report for 2016. We started the year with $3.526m, ended with $3.518m. Our chosen asset allocation is on track.
Costs for Vanguard management were $16,700. We discussed ways to save costs with Dave.

Treasure’s report. Distributed copies of annual review report for 2015, fye May 31,2016.

Had copy of the tax returns available for review.

We are spending less with Streamline Office Services than Maxwell Money, and very satisfied with the work. Has saved a lot of Brown Adams time.
Federal and state tax returns were filed January 10, before the first extension deadline.

Governance documents.
We’ve had no contact with our attorney. Fred will continue to try to contact him. Gail will contact Secretary of State office to see if our articles of incorporation have been filed.

We want to change our status to private foundation for the tax year starting June 1, 2017. Joanne Wiggins Barros joined us to discuss making the change. Joanne will try to contact our attorney.

Grant making for fye 2017. Gail brought thank you notes from last year’s grantees.

Daniel will draft the announcement soliciting requests for this year. We will review on line and send them out on line. Plan to meet late April or early May to decide.

Next meeting. scheduled for March 15 at Brown Adams.

Other.Gail suggested we discuss liquidating the endowment. We discussed briefly, will consider it.

Meeting adjourned.