2017, March 15 – Minutes


Minutes of the BOARD OF TRUSTEES

March 15, 2017


Meeting held at Brown Adams office, 2570 W. El Camino, Mountain View, CA


Fred Kohler, Daniel Margulies, Gail Wilson, Anne Dunham


Agenda Modifications


Approval of minutes

Minutes from February approved with corrections: “Change to private foundation will be effective June 1 2016.”

Treasurer’s Report

At February 28, we had $3,646,830.10 in the investment account and $2726.15 in the cash account.  We are moving $220,000 to the cash account to fund paying the bookkeeper and Brown Adams, and our donations for the year end 2017.

Grant making for FYE 2017

We have sent announcements soliciting grant requests to Learning Ally, BAADS, Marin Sailing School, Lighthouse for the Blind, Vista Palo Alto, Blind Center of San Jose, Lions Oakland, Braille Transcription Project, and the National Braille Press.  That’s all the donees from last year, and some new ones.  We divided up the groups to contact those we haven’t heard from yet.  Will make decisions on grants at our next meeting.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, May 10 at Brown Adams.

New Business

We talked about the need for documenting Officers Responsibilities.  Documentation would include how to update the web site, what’s required to file tax documents.  Daniel will set up a Drop Box and teach us how to use it.  Gail will make a list of requirements for filing with the fed and state.

We talked about liquidating the endowment.  Appears the main reason we’re interested in liquidating is that some of us don’t want to run the endowment.  Agreement was that we would work to find new board members.

Meeting adjourned.